Rewind: Watch Screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan Talk RETURN OF THE JEDI in 1983 and Steven Spielberg Defend the Ending of A.I.

     November 21, 2012


As people are busy readying for uncomfortable family interactions Thanksgiving, there’s not exactly a plethora of breaking movie news today.  As such, a couple of old videos have surfaced online that we thought readers might find interesting.  The first video is quite relevant, as it features screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan talking about Return of the Jedi in a television interview in 1983.  Just yesterday we learned that Kasdan will be returning to the Star Wars franchise to pen episodes 8 and 9 alongside Simon Kinberg.

The video is a tad spotty as the interview was recorded on VHS (remember those?), but it’s a fun watch if only to see fans discussing what they hope to learn in the original trilogy closer before the film had opened.  In the interview, Kasdan discusses what it’s like to craft a film that ultimately serves George Lucas’ vision.  Hit the jump to watch the video, which also includes a strapping Harrison Ford, algonside another video of Steven Spielberg defending the ending to A.I. Artificial Intelligence

The second video of interest is a snippet from a 2007 documentary Spielberg on Spielberg in which Steven Spielberg defends the ending to his 2001 sci-fi film A.I. Artificial Intelligence.  It’s common knowledge that the pic was originally developed as a directing vehicle by Stanley Kubrick, and Spielberg picked it up following the filmmaker’s death.  Many assumed that the film’s fairy tale ending was Spielberg’s own addition to Kubrick’s existing treatment, but in this video The Beard assures fans that the ending was all Kubrick.

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