Lea Seydoux on ‘Spectre’ and Being Bond’s Equal

     October 19, 2015


Earlier this year, when the upcoming Sam Mendes James Bond movie, Spectre, was filming in Mexico City, I got to visit the production as they were filming the massive opening set piece. Trust me, if you were nervous the upcoming Bond film would somehow disappoint, everything I saw and learned during my set visit makes me extremely confident that the sequel will be something special. For more on the film, here’s a description of the awesome-sounding opening chase sequence that will make up between 12 and 15 minutes of screen time!

While in Mexico City, I got to speak with the newest Bond girl, Lea Seydoux (Madeleine Swann), about the Skyfall follow-up. Normally on a set visit the actors are willing to talk about their characters and reveal some of the secrets. But as you might expect on a James Bond film, Seydoux was afraid to spill any of the surprises. Knowing that, I decided to ask questions she could answer like how she was cast, what it was like the first day of filming, and how she prepared for the role. Watch what she had to say below.

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Lea Seydoux:

  • The challenges of doing press while not being able to say much about the movie.
  • Where and when she found out she got the role.
  • How they wrote part of the script with her in mind after she got cast.
  • Did Sam Mendes ask him to do anything to prepare for the role?
  • What was it like on set the first day of filming?
  • Says she is Bond’s equal in the film and a French doctor.
  • She watched a lot of Bond films to prepare for the role.


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