Director Lee Toland Krieger and Co-Writer Will McCormack Talk CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER

     August 1, 2012


With the romantic comedy/drama Celeste and Jesse Forever opening this weekend, I recently got to talk with director Lee Toland Krieger and co-writer Will McCormack.  In the film, Andy Samberg stars with Rashida Jones as a divorcing couple who are having trouble maintaining their intense friendship while living together and pursuing other relationships.  In addition, Jones co-wrote the script, and it’s a great mix of realistic comedy and drama.  It’s definitely recommended.  Celeste and Jesse also stars Elijah Wood, Chris Messina and Emma Roberts.

During my interview with Krieger and co-writer McCormack we talked about how Krieger came to direct the project, sticking to the script versus improv, balancing the comedy and drama in a realistic way and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, click here to watch my video interview with Ari Graynor.

Kriger and McCormack

  • They read Collider.  Krieger calls Matt’s reviews “fair.”
  • 0:50 – McCormack and Jones wrote the movie several years ago to provide a great role for Jones.  McCormack loved Krieger’s The Vicious Kind and reached out to him to direct.
  • 2:10 – They mostly stuck to the script because the quick shoot left little room for improv.  The capable cast helped.
  • 3:20 –  Talk about balancing the comedy and the drama in trying to depict a realistic break-up.


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