Kaylee Bryant on ‘Legacies’ and Her Favorite Monster So Far

     February 21, 2019


On Episode 11 of The CW series Legacies, entitled “We’re Gonna Need a Spotlight,” the Salvatore School’s annual talent show turns into something straight out of Invasion of the Body Snatchers when a creature shows up that lowers everyone’s inhibitions. And while Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis), headmaster of the school for the young and supernaturally gifted, decides to play hooky, Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) is determined to make sure the show will go on, as her twin Josie (Kaylee Bryant) decides that she’s more than ready to step into the spotlight.

During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, actress Kaylee Bryant talked about how she ended up singing on the show, working on the song with a vocal coach, the most fun and most challenges aspects of the episode, the Saltzman twins 2.0, Josie’s journey to find her own voice and stand up for herself more, the Josie-Penelope (Lulu Antariksa) dynamic, forming her own sister bond with co-star Jenny Boyd, her favorite monster so far, why she journals for her character, what it means to be a Gemini twin, and what she’d like to see in Season 2, which has already been picked up by the network.


Image via The CW

Collider:  I very much enjoyed this episode. It’s so much fun!

KAYLEE BRYANT:  Thank you!

I’m definitely a sucker for talent shows, and I’m also a big Invasion of the Body Snatchers fan, and it’s a combination of those two amazing things.

BRYANT:  Wow, so this is the perfect episode for you.

When you first got and read “We’re Gonna Need a Spotlight,” what was your reaction to the episode?

BRYANT:  It’s funny, they walked around the set a couple weeks before we had gotten the script for this episode and said, “If we had a talent show, what would your talent be?” And me, as Kaylee, said, “Ooh, I’d sing!” And then, I looked at them and went, “Wait, are you talking about Josie or Kaylee?,” and they refused to say. So, when I got the script, I got so nervous ‘cause I haven’t really trained vocally, professionally, in years. I got a little bit scared, if we’re being honest.

What was it like to do that whole scene, where Josie gets her big moment, especially knowing that people have been rooting for her to step into the spotlight for a long time?

BRYANT:  Yeah, it was really interesting. It was a long process. I got the song a couple of weeks before we started working on the episode, so I started working with a vocal coach. And then, after that, I ended up going through dance rehearsals with the other dancers. And then, we ended up getting to the final day of actually filming. It was a long process. By the time we were actually there, filming it felt like second nature. It was very easy.