Trailer for THE LAST AIRBENDER: LEGEND OF KORRA; New Details on the Upcoming Miniseries

     July 24, 2011


If we can all forget M. Night Shyamlan’s atrocious The Last Airbender (I went through a lot of counseling in order to do so), we can perhaps go back a little further and appreciate the original Nickelodeon show Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Last year it was announced that the saga would continue with the miniseries Legend of Korra.  There was a panel for the miniseries this year at Comic-Con but unfortunately we were unable to attend.  The good news is that the teaser trailer they showed has now gone online!

The central premise of Legend of Korra is that it picks up 70 years after the original series and Korra of the Water Tribe is the new Avatar.  Because the Avatar must learn all four elements, that’s a bit of a problem seeing as Aang was the last airbender so who can teacher Korra airbending?  As you’ll see in the trailer, she’s at least got waterbending and firebending down pretty well.  No official release date has been announced for Legend of Korra, but we’ll let you know as soon as it’s announced.  Hit the jump to check out the trailer and to learn more about the upcoming miniseries.

legend-of-korra-polar-bear-dog-naga-image-01UGO reports that Korra’s friends are Mako, “a handsome Asian man with some crazy sci-fi hair” and he has a brooding, “Zuko-ish” attitude.  His brother Bolen is a little goofier.  They come from the United Republic, “a city founded by Aang and Zuko meant to be a multicultural metropolis where people from all the Tribes live together.  (A 1920s jazz age Shanghai with industrial revolution-era colors.)”

Whereas Aang and his crew rode around on a sky bison, Korra’s animal-vehicle of choice is a polar-bear dog named Naga (right, image via this Airbender fansite).  She also has “a wormy-looking Red Panda/Black-Footed Ferrett called a Fire Ferret.”

As I mentioned, Korra’s challenge to becoming an Avatar is how to learn airbending.  The secret lies with Kenzen, Aang and Katara’s son.  According to UGO, “Kenzen, an Airbender, is key to Korra’s development, as Air is the last element for Korra to master.”  Furthermore, “Kenzen is married to Pemma, a blonde woman, and they have three kids:  Genora is a bookworm-y daughter, Ikki is a motor mouth daughter and Milo is a goofy boy who kinda looks like Aang.  (I may have the spelling wrong on these, but just go with it.)”

The antagonists this time around are”The Revolution”, masked men who are anti-Benders called “Chi-Blockers”.  They don’t much care for bending in any of its forms and their mission is to defeat Korra.  Furthermore, Toph’s legacy of metalbending has yielded two complications for Korra.  First are the “Metalbender Cops” who look like samurais but with metal cables coiled up on their backs.  More surprising is that the Metalbenders are led by Toph’s daughter, a sexy-looking bad-ass who’s functions as the de facto sheriff of Republic City.

This all sounds terrific and I can’t wait to see more.