Netflix Developing Potential LEGEND OF ZELDA Live-Action Series

     February 6, 2015


The Wall Street Journal (oddly enough?) is reporting that Netflix is in talks to potentially develop a live-action version of The Legend of Zelda. Hey, they are going to have a billion dollars to spend, why not?

No writers are attached to the project yet, but essentially, the streaming giant would be looking to create a kid-friendly, more light-hearted Game of Thrones (because let’s be honest, that Game of Thrones-y attempt did not really work with Marco Polo). Expanding the appeal of a series like this to a family-friendly market is also a very savvy choice.

link-legends-of-zelda-imageNintendo, which has made around 20 versions of The Legend of Zelda game since it debuted in the U.S. in 1987, is being closely consulted. Nintendo rarely allows their properties to be adapted, though — and often with good reasons (see: the life-action 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie). An animated version of The Legend of Zelda did run for one season, though, in 1989 (“well excuuuuuuuse me, Princess!” Yes, I watched this show as a kid. Looking at it now, though … why is his hair so dark?)

So far, both Nintendo and Netflix have declined to comment (not on Link’s hair color, but on the project). This is just in the rumor stages, though, so don’t get too excited. But … 

Let’s speculate anyway. Though an animated series is more intuitive, live-action could really be epic, if it’s done right (after all, the game has always had a strong mythology and story to it). And it could legitimize my childhood crush on Link (er, sorta). Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the pros and cons of this potential project. I mean, if Tetris can become a movie, then surely …