Legendary Bows Out of MAN OF STEEL Sequel in Exchange for Partnership on Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR

     August 14, 2013


When director Zack Snyder’s Superman vs. Batman film hits theaters in 2015, the pic will not be boasting the Legendary Pictures logo.  The studio has decided to end its partnership with Warner Bros. later this year when their contract comes to a conclusion, but Legendary still stood to maintain its stake in the Man of Steel follow-up.  However, The Wrap now reports that Legendary has agreed to give up its stake in Superman vs. Batman in return for a portion of Christopher Nolan’s 2014 sci-fi film Interstellar.  Legendary previously co-produced Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy as well as Inception, so the studio certainly has a relationship with the filmmaker.

Interstellar is a co-production between Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. and is sure to make a killing at the box office, so Legendary stands to make a healthy amount of money on Nolan’s latest.  At the end of its partnership with Warner Bros., Legendary will begin its new contract with Universal Pictures.

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