The CW’s ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ to Feature the Metal Men?

     September 18, 2015


Though The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t debut until mid-season in 2016, filming on the time-traveling spin-off series is currently underway. Creator/writer Marc Guggenheim took to social media today to remind audiences that the show is in production, while also dropping a teaser image. No, it doesn’t feature any new characters, action scenes, or pages from the script; what it does show is the cover of an issue of a fictional news magazine featuring platinum ore and metal bars. What could it possibly mean?

Well, as CBR surmises, the Metal Men may be stepping off of the pages of DC Comics and into the spin-off series. No pun intended, but these heroes first appeared during the Silver Age of comics in 1962, going on to appear in an animated series as well as other various merchandise. The team is composed of artificially intelligent robots created by Dr. Will Magnus. Named Gold, Iron, Mercury, Lead, Tin, and Platinum, each of the robots’ personalities were drawn from the metal that made up their bodies. Platinum, also called “Tina”, was the female robot of the group who considered herself to be a real woman and who fell in love with her creator. While the teased image certainly doesn’t confirm her appearance in Legends of Tomorrow, it’s not a bad jumping off point for speculation.

Check out the tease from Guggenheim below:

The image itself has a couple of teases. First is the name of the fictional magazine itself; Newstime is a DC Comics rag that once lured Clark Kent away from the Daily Planet. The other tease is the obvious hunk of platinum that may or may not be melted down to form the elementally titled female character of the Metal Men. It would certainly make for a cool cameo, so be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming casting announcements.

And for more on DC’s Metal Men, listen to an enthusiastic Geoff Johns talk about bringing the heroic group back to the comics:

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Image via DC Comics