‘Legends of Tomorrow’ EP Previews the Arrivals of Constantine and Wally West

     February 9, 2018


Legends of Tomorrow has risen like a phoenix out of the Arrow-verse ashes in its third season, which has not only been generally on point but has delivered some outstanding episodes like “Beebo the God of War,” and that inspired “Return of the Mack” fight scene. It has bucked the trend of Arrow-verse series faltering in their third seasons, and instead truly come into its own. But wait, there’s more! When Legends returns next week, it will be adding a cast member (at least temporarily) with Matt Ryan‘s John Constantine. It will also see Leo Snart (Wentworth Miller) still hanging around with the Waverider crew while they process the death of Stein and Jax’s departure. Finally, we have the arrival (soon) of Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) from The Flash as a new member of the Legends.

With so much to look forward to, EW spoke with Legends EP Marc Guggenheim about what fans can expect from the new episodes. Guggenheim explained that Constantine will be on his own mission, just one that happens to overlap with the Legends because a demon he’s hunting knows Sara’s name. Of course, he and Sara also share a connection because he’s the one who brought her back to life, but the show may be taking things a little bit further: “I will say that we’ve got a very randy, bisexual Constantine, and we have a very randy, bisexual Sara, and who knows what could happen if we get the two of them in teams together?”


Image via The CW

Back to that demon, Mallus, Guggenheim also revealed that he will be a full CG character, but also that he won’t be seen until the very end of the year (which was the reverse trajectory of The Flash‘s Savitar, who started out very early in the season as a CG creation but soon became more practically-based).

As for Wally, who we’ll see in the second episode back, Guggenheim confirmed that Wally’s feeling of being a misfit makes him the perfect new addition to the Waverider. He’ll also be recruited by Rip (which … sorry to say I’m not excited to have him back in the fold), and will decide to stick around — despite getting on some people’s nerves (“it’s incredibly annoying to have someone on the team who can just fix every problem in the blink of an eye,” Guggenheim said. See I think that’d be great actually …)

Finally, when it comes to how long Leo will remain with the Legends, Guggenheim says that “he has a really good reason to leave. And he’s leaving for a very, I think, positive reason. And he leaves with, I’d say, a really good piece of advice for Sara … [and] He is not dying.”

Legends of Tomorrow returns in Supergirl‘s slot on Monday, February 12th on The CW.