Aubrey Plaza Says Her ‘Legion’ Character Was Originally Written for a Middle-Aged Man

     March 15, 2017


Legion is a very weird show, and one that’s leading to what’s likely a frustrating conclusion as it tries to dazzle viewers with impressive visuals and a bizarre narrative, but it’s certainly different than anything else on television right now. It’s also a show where creator Noah Hawley was unafraid to make major changes if he felt that something (or someone) better had come along.

Last night on Conan, Aubrey Plaza revealed that her character, Lenny Busker, was originally written for a middle-aged man, but after meeting with Hawley, he changed the role so that she could play it. Here’s the video:

So what exactly is the deal with Lenny anyway? Here’s my theory [spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the first five episodes of Legion]:

When we first meet Lenny, it seems like she’s a fellow patient at the mental hospital holding David (Dan Stevens). Then it seems like they knew each other before the hospital and she helped him score drugs. Either way, she “died” when things at the mental hospital went sideways, but she now haunts David’s mind…except she’s also taking on different forms.

My theory is two-fold. First, David is a mutant who does have telepathic and telekinetic powers, and so it’s not like the entire show is in his head. There’s an objective reality, and that reality is what’s from the point of view of the supporting characters. However, everything from David’s point of view is questionable because “Lenny” is a parasite that has messed with David’s memories and his perception of reality so that he thinks he’s schizophrenic. At the end of episode five, the parasite is able to distort reality so that everyone thinks they’re in the mental hospital and their lives as mutants has been a false reality (that’s why “Lenny” is in the role of the psychiatrist, i.e. the role of authority, in the scene).

We’ve only got three episodes left this season, but it will be interesting to see how/if it all comes together.