New ‘Legion’ Trailer Teases the (Super Weird) Season Ahead

     February 9, 2017


FX finally premiered the new X-Men series Legion last night, and boy was that unexpected. The show hails from Fargo mastermind Noah Hawley, who’s crafted a superhero series unlike anything else on television. While all the trailers leading up to the premiere only showed footage from the pilot, a trailer has now been released online that gives us a look at the episodes to come.

Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) stars as David Haller, a young man who’s put in a mental institution for claiming that he hears voices and can make things happen in his mind. As we learned in the pilot (or did we?) , David actually possesses mutant powers, but the line between fantasy and reality is still blurred thanks to Hawley’s singular and super crazy visual approach to the series.

The pilot posed a lot of questions—when does this take place? Where does this take place? Who are these people? What the f is happening? It answered almost none of them, and yet was compelling all the same. Hawley promises that this first season (which consists of 8 episodes in total) will definitively answer some of these questions, but it’s clear that the show is focused on telling an experiential and emotional story rather than presenting a puzzle that’s meant to be unlocked.

This trailer previews what looks to be a team of sorts that David is now connected with, and in Allison’s glowing review of the first few episodes, she also praised the show’s portrayal of mental illness. I’m not entirely sure I love this show just yet, but I do know I’ll be watching every episode of this first season.

Watch the new Legion trailer below and click here to read Chris’ full recap of the first episode.