‘Legion’: What in the World Is Going on in This Show?

     March 9, 2017


If you’re watching FX’s new series Legion then you, like me, may be hella confused. The show hails from Fargo creator Noah Hawley and is technically an adaptation of an X-Men comics character—Professor X’s troubled son who hears a lot of voices and has serious telepathic powers—but Hawley has really made this show his own by eschewing pretty much all storytelling conventions. Indeed, this isn’t really a superhero show at all but is really more of a psychological thriller/drama about someone suffering from mental illness who also may happen to have mutant powers.

We’re now halfway through the show’s first season, and there are still a lot of unanswered questions (although my esteemed colleague Chris Cabin has been doing a great job of breaking down each episode in his full recaps). But after the events of “Chapter 5,” it’s clear there are likely three possibilities as to what, exactly, is going on in this show. So let’s break down why each may be right, and what that would mean for the series as a whole.