LEGIT Season 2 Review: FXX’s Irreverent and Under the Radar Comedy Returns

     February 26, 2014


Last year, Australian comedian Jim Jefferies debuted his biting, but occasionally tender comedy, Legit.  The show is extremely low key and laid back, which is Jefferies’ trademark L.A.-stoner kind of style.  But the series is also an interesting mix of some very base humor alongside more serious issues.  Ultimately, it’s that humor that ties everything together, and keeps things from getting too dark.  Hit the jump for what the new season looks like, and why you can jump in even if you missed Season One.

legit-season-2-jim-jefferiesLegit follows the exploits of Jefferies, playing a fictionalized version of himself, as a comedian in L.A. who lives with his divorced, snarky, alcoholic friend Steve (Dan Bakkedahl) and Steve’s younger brother Billy (DJ Qualls), who suffers from an advanced stage of muscular dystrophy.  The latter point is a constant driver of the comedy as well as some of the more moving moments, as was true in the first season.  At the same time, Legit‘s choice to feature a character who is disabled, but not defined by that, is a bold and appreciated move.  Though Jefferies often uses Billy and their friendship to manipulate certain emotions from those he wants things from (usually beautiful women), the truth is that he does love him like a brother, and does set his own selfishness aside to take care of him (sometimes in very difficult and intimate ways).

The crux of the show is how Jefferies struggles with his natural tendency to be an asshole (which manifests often) and his newly formed desire to be a good guy.  It’s a conceit that’s easy to get on board with, doesn’t need a lot of setup, but provides for endless scenarios.  And surprisingly for a comedy, it actually means sometimes confronting personal issues in a real way (though still incorporating humor). The premiere of the new season finds Jefferies dealing with his sexual addiction, for example, but only after he drops his phone into the toilet because his mother called while he was masturbating in the shower.

In a later scene, when Jefferies is looking up ex-girlfriends on Facebook, all of whom look happy after they’ve moved on after being involved with him, things almost become genuinely melancholic. It’s a relatable moment. Then, he looks up and sees Steve, stone drunk, mistaking his closet for the bathroom and peeing everywhere before passing out.  Aaaand we’re back.

Finding a balance among the blasé, the irreverent, and even the sentimental is difficult, but Legit manages it in a surprisingly casual way.  That’s not to say that Jefferies always hits his mark with his joke diatribes, or that the show doesn’t sometimes pile on so much that it goes overboard, and loses itself in the ensuing chaos of its own weirdness.  But most episodes stick their landing, and in that — along with its boldness in confronting a number of difficult real-life issues like disease, racism and even death — Legit continues to be a good, though unconventional, comedic bet.

Legit returns to FXX on Wednesday, February 26th at 10pm ET.