Celebrate 60 Years of LEGO with a 10-Foot-Tall Brick Made from Over 133,000 Pieces

     January 26, 2018


As Collider’s resident LEGO fanatic, I’m always interesting when the company does a cool new thing, and this year will mark the company’s 60th anniversary. To celebrate that milestone, the company has decided to place a giant LEGO brick in “the city’s Flatiron District, the original home of the American Toy Industry, beginning today through Sunday, January 28 at the intersection of 5th Avenue, Broadway, and 23rd Street in Manhattan.” It took Master Builders 350 hours to build the gigantic brick, which is comprised of over 133,000 pieces. The instillation is over 10 feet tall and weighs over 1,200 pounds. On the plus side, the chances of someone stepping on it while barefoot are remote.

The company has also released some photos showing the development of LEGO sets over the years. While these photos don’t really show the amount of licensing LEGO has done over the years, it’s still neat to see the increasing complexities of their various builds with the introduction of new pieces so that while there’s technically a firehouse in the 1970s and a firehouse in the 2010s, those two sets couldn’t really be more different even though they’re basically the same idea.

Check out images of the LEGO brick instillation below along with some LEGO sets through the ages and a timeline of the company’s major milestones. The special LEGO 60th Anniversary sets, which serve as throwbacks to the company’s earlier efforts, are on sale now.


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