LEGO Batman: 1966 Batcave Announced; Check out over 20 Images from the 2,500+ Piece Set

     January 12, 2016


Although it was rumored for the past few months, today LEGO officially announced the 1966 Batcave as a new playset. But those rumors couldn’t begin to prepare us for the sheer amount of stuff that LEGO was planning to cram into this playset. Sure, we knew to expect the hidden poles and the Batmobile, but this thing also comes with the Batcycle, Batcopter, landing pads, and so much more. LEGO has been in the Batman game for a while, but this is different than almost anything they’ve done with the IP, and it’s very exciting to see how they’ve let their imagination run wild while still staying true to the 1960s TV series.

Check out 23 images of the set and minifigures below plus a video of the LEGO designers breaking down the various parts. The set contains 2,526 pieces, costs $269.99, and hits stores on March 1st.


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