LEGO BATMAN Movie Fast Tracked at WB; Will Arnett Returns to Voice

     October 10, 2014


It was only matter of time, but this is still mostly good news to me.  After the phenomenal success of The LEGO Movie (and a delay in production on The LEGO Movie 2) Warner Bros. is fast-tracking a spinoff in the form of a LEGO Batman movie.  Will Arnett, whose character was a highlight of the amazing first film, will return to voice the hilarious character.  Chris McKay, who acted as animation supervisor on the first film and was attached to direct the sequel, will how helm this picture.

LEGO Batman will be written by Dark Shadows and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter scribe Seth Grahame-Smith and is targeting a 2017 release date.  Hit the jump for more on the LEGO Batman movie.

THR broke the news of the spinoff.  LEGO Batman will still open after Ninjago hits on September 23rd, 2016.    Roy Lee, Dan Lin, and original directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are all on board to produce.  I wasn’t expecting Grahame-Smith to be involved in this project since it seems like it’s outside of his normal wheelhouse, but here’s hoping he can hit the same sweet spot Lord and Miller nailed last time out.

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