LEGO Reveals Massive ‘Jurassic Park’ Set; Contains over 3,000 Pieces

     June 11, 2019


Just when I started to think I might be done with LEGO (my home only has so much space), they pull me back in. This morning, LEGO announced that they’ve put together a set for die-hard Jurassic Park fans. While the company has done smaller sets for Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, this is by far the biggest they’ve ever done for the property.

The set contains 3,120 pieces and uses the gate of Jurassic Park to recreate some of the more famous moments from the movie on the back right down to the fateful toilet (sleazy lawyer not included). And naturally, you couldn’t have Jurassic Park without a T-rex, so that’s in this set as well. Here are some highlights from the press release:

  • This dinosaur toy set includes 6 minifigures: John Hammond, Ian Malcolm, Ellie Sattler, Alan Grant, Ray Arnold and Dennis Nedry, plus a baby dinosaur figure.
  • Brick -built LEGO® T. rex dinosaur toy features snapping jaws, posable head, arms, legs and tail.
  • The brick-built LEGO® version of the original Jurassic Park’s iconic gate has an opening function, jungle leaves and flame elements.
  • The wall framing the gate features a buildable dinosaur nest with 2 cracked egg elements at the top and other brick-built scenes inspired by the movie, including: a bunker with a buildable bed for Ian Malcolm, flashlight and fire extinguisher, plus ladder and display case elements; power shed for scene with Ellie Sattler; John Hammond’s dining room with table and minifigure chair, plus ice cream, spoon and 3 cookie elements; Ray Arnold’s control room with a buildable desk, 3 computers and a minifigure chair; scene with a buildable bathroom; scene for Dennis Nedry with a buildable mud slide and shaving cream can.
  • This display toy model also includes a buildable minifigure display stand with T. rex facts plate.
  • Accessory elements include John Hammond’s hat and cane, and Alan Grant’s hat and dinosaur claw.
  • John Hammond, Ray Arnold and Dennis Nedry minifigures are new for June 2019.
  • This collectible toy building set includes 3,120 pieces and makes a great dinosaur gift for adults.
  • Jurassic Park gate measures over 16” (42cm) high, 18” (48cm) wide and 5” (14cm) deep.
  • T. rex dinosaur measures over 8” (22cm) high, 27” (69cm) long and 6” (17cm) wide.

The set will retail for $249.99. It goes on sale for VIP members on June 19th and for everyone else on July 1st. Check out 30 images from the set below.


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