THE LEGO MOVIE Co-Director Phil Lord Gracefully Responds to Oscar Snub by Building LEGO Oscar Statue

     January 15, 2015


When the Academy makes a monster clusterfuck of its nominations, it’s easy to respond, “Well they don’t matter anyway!”, which is true to an extent.  But I won’t lie and say I’m fine that The LEGO Movie was snubbed.  My immediate reaction was to tweet this.  Yes, the film was critically acclaimed, did huge at the box office, and there are spinoffs and a sequel on the way, which means everyone in it will be fine (the snubbing of Selma is far more troubling).  Nevertheless, it’s still surprising to see the lack of a nomination for a movie everyone thought was a lock in the category.  Perhaps the voters in the animation branch thought it had too much live action, but then why does the film have six Annie Award nominations?  Let’s just fall back on the Academy is terrible, which is true for many reasons.

But The LEGO Movie co-director Phil Lord responded to his movie’s snub far more gracefully and cleverly than I did.  He decided to build his own statue out of LEGO, which was a smart, fun, creative action, something the Academy probably wouldn’t understand (its president certainly struggled with the correct pronunciation of “Dick Pope”).  Hit the jump to check out the LEGO Oscar statue Lord built.



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