Watch: Poe Dameron’s Missing ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Scenes Revealed in LEGO Game

     October 5, 2016


In a fun bit of cross-platform continuity, LEGO’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens game will fill in a major plot oversight from the movie with the help of a LEGO cast of characters. A new Level Pack DLC, dubbed “Poe’s Quest for Survival”, lets players fill in the gaps between Poe Dameron’s (Oscar Isaac) fateful crash-landing on the desert planet of Jakku and his surprising arrival back on the Resistance base.

That’s not only a big win for fans, it’s a testament to Isaac’s character’s enduring legacy; Dameron was originally supposed to die in an early draft of the J.J. Abrams-directed picture. In other words, his reappearance at the Resistance base was never the original part of the plan but worked as a great reunion scene and a hand-off of heroic duties between Dameron and Finn (John Boyega). The plot thickens further as we learn that Dameron not only survived the crash but also engages in his own action-packed side story on the planet as he attempts to find a ship that can get him back into the bigger fight.

Check out Poe’s antics in the LEGO trailer below:

Here’s the DLC’s synopsis:

The Poe’s Quest for Survival Level Pack extends the adventure with a previously untold story that can only be played in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Fans can now experience Poe Dameron’s journey back to the Resistance base after his daring escape from the First Order. While stranded on Jakku, Poe must locate a ship to get off the desert planet in an effort to find his way home. Playable characters and vehicles include: Naka Iit, Ohn Gos, Poe Dameron (Jakku), Strus Clan Leader, Strus Clan Raider, Strus Clan Speeder (Full-size Vehicle) and Strus Clan Speeder (Microfighter Vehicle).

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