LEGO Unveils the ‘TRON: Legacy’ Lightcycles; Set Contains Sam Flynn, Quorra, and Rinzler

     March 22, 2018


The latest LEGO Ideas winner has led to TRON: Legacy now being available as a LEGO set. LEGO has revealed the upcoming TRON: Legacy set, which will be on sale starting March 31st. The upcoming set will cost $34.99, contain 230 pieces to build two lightcycles and minifigures for Sam Flynn, Quorra, and Rinzler.  Each lightcycle measures over 1” high, 6” long, and 1” wide. Obviously, there will also be identity discs, a grid base, and other neat little features. This is a solid set, and I’m curious to see if LEGO will gauge its popularity to possibly do more with TRON in the future. They’ve already done LEGO Dimensions, and so I’m curious to see if LEGO might try to build a bigger lightcycle in the future, or if they’ll just stick with this one.

Check out images of the LEGO Tron: Legacy set below.


Image via LEGO


Image via LEGO


Image via LEGO


Image via LEGO


Image via LEGO


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