Leonardo DiCaprio Uses Common Sense and Bails on Mel Gibson’s Viking Movie

     July 30, 2010


Mel Gibson has gone far beyond the point of “Box Office Poison”.  After his recent racist rants comprised of the purest hate a soul can summon, Gibson is now “Box Office Swimming in Disease-Infested Waters with Open Sores.” (Imagery!)  Back in December, we reported that Leonardo DiCaprio had signed on to star in an untitled Viking movie directed by Gibson.  Radar Online reports that is no longer the case.  “‘Not a chance,’ said a source, close to the Inception star, when asked if he was still planning to star in Gibson’s next project.

It’s not like DiCaprio is now in career limbo after this decision.  He has plenty of other films he could do including The Wolf of Wall Street directed by Ridley Scott, a biopic of J. Edgar Hoover for Clint Eastwood, and Travis McGee with Oliver Stone at the helm.

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