Leonor Varela and Vinnie Jones Exclusive Video Interviews – HELL RIDE

     August 5, 2008

Written by Charlie Mihelich

If you missed my first two video interviews with Larry Bishop and Michael Madsen, click here.

My third interview was with Leonor Varela, who plays Nada, a sexpot with a brain that provides Pistolero with both intelligence and pleasure, and her fiery temper keeps him in check. She says that although the role is totally different than anything she’s ever done before, it was an easy transition because her Chilean heritage has taught her to be very comfortable with her body and sexuality. Watch me screw up and ask her about her role on “Arrested Development” (she was Marta #1, and I mistakenly thought she was Marta #2, so my question about Marta being a character in a possible “Arrested” movie was met with probably the shortest answer in interview history. Smooth.), and we finish by talking about her next movie, in which she plays a woman who buys a child over the internet.

Leonor Varela Video Interview

My final interview was with Vinnie Jones, and the interview began and ended on the wrong foot. My lead off question (which I now believe was ill-conceived) was met with puzzled disdain, so I quickly segued into stuff about the movie. I asked him about the “Mad Max” type villain he plays, Billy Wings, and he says that’s exactly what he was going for; a primitive, sadistic psychopath who uses a harpoon gun. I also asked him about doing his own stunts, and he says the buzz he got from being lit on fire was unreal. Finally, I asked about his upcoming film “Year One” from Harold Ramis, and he refused to tell me anything. Nothing. Which was awkward. But I guess that’s how it goes.

Vinnie Jones Video Interview

So ends my first Press Day with Collider. It was a blast, and I’m looking forward to doing it again. “Hell Ride” comes out this Friday (August 8th) in limited release.

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