Lexi Alexander To Go HEX-i?

     December 2, 2008

Written by Cal Kemp

It’s been a pretty week for news related to PUNISHER: WAR ZONE. Contrary to all internet ramblings (including my own), the film is not only decent; It’s pretty damned fun. The script certainly has its problems but it doesn’t stop Lexi Alexander’s talent from shining through. The film has a visual style that’s not just pretty, it’s completely unique. The violence is brutal and non-stop and yet — against all odds — it never feels gratuitous.

The big news from the junket, though, is that Mrs. Alexander may already have her eyes on another comic book property, albeit one from the Distinguished Competition.

When asked about what scripts she was looking at, Lexi said that everyone was sending her comic book movies. Pressed to name one, she hesitated for a moment and let slip “Jonah Hex”.

Right after the press conference, I stood next to George from Latino Review as he hit her up for a few more details that included confirmation that Josh Brolin is still involved and added that there are other directors vying for the job. (Credit where credit is due, check out George’s article)

After seeing what Lexi pulled off with “Punisher”, I think she may be just about perfect for the DC western hero and I’d urge comic book fans to check out “War Zone” this weekend and throw in their own two cents on the matter.

Meanwhile, the other star of the film, Ray Stevenson, sat down with me for a one on one and talked at great lengths about what storylines he’d like to see pursued in the sequel(s). (The guy seemed to know his Punisher comics, though his eyes just about lit up when I told him about Garth Ennis’ parallel-universe story “The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe”. It’s a shame that one will never make to the silver screen).

The full transcript will be up as soon as I get it typed, including details on the potential “Rome” film and his just-announced casting in “The Book of Eli”. Check back soon!

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