Liam Neeson Joins Everyone Else in Paul Haggis’ THE NEXT THREE DAYS

     October 4, 2009


It was inevitable, really.  Paul Haggis’ upcoming film, “The Next Three Days” stars Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks but it has its claws in any actor it can find including Olivia Wilde, Jonathan Tucker, rapper RZA and even Brian Dennehy, a man who is subject to neither time nor space.  Now it’s found Liam Neeson who is currently planning to rule 2010 with an iron fist with his roles in “Clash of the Titans” and “The A-Team”.  Neeson’s role is a “cameo in nature” as he plays a man who escaped from prison several times and wrote a book about it.  This becomes helpful to an escape plan from Crowe’s character, a college professor and husband of a woman (Banks) who’s in prison for a murder she says she didn’t commit.  I hope Neeson’s book also comes with a rock hammer and a full-size poster of Rita Hayworth. [Source: THR]

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