Liam Neeson Replaces Bradley Cooper in Joe Carnahan’s Wolf Vs. Man Drama THE GREY

     September 2, 2010


Bradley Cooper is 35.  His A-Team co-star, Liam Neeson is 58.  Their A-Team director Joe Carnahan (41) finds Neeson to be a perfectly suitable replacement for Cooper in his survival drama, The Grey.  This isn’t the most drastic retooling Hollywood has ever done (a pre-Jolie Salt was originally intended for Tom Cruise), but I find it significant.  Maybe in return, Cooper can fill in for Neeson on Steven Spielberg’s Abraham Lincoln biopic.

Per Heat Vision, the script from Carnahan and Ian Jeffers (Death Sentence) begins with a plane crash in Alaska: “A man (Neeson) and his oil drilling team find themselves struggling to survive in the wild.  The men come under attack by large, vicious, aggressive wolves who see the humans as intruders who must be killed.”  Though Cooper may have the vitality of youth on his side, I actually buy Neeson more as a badass wolf killer.  I’m sure Carnahan and Cooper would have made a fine movie together.  But Neeson takes it to a different level… for me.  Anyone not on board with this development?

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