Limited Paper: Spoke Art’s New LIFE AQUATIC Print, Ltd Art Gallery Announces MINT CONDITION 2 (Plus, What Top-Secret Event is About to be Announced?)

     February 5, 2013

You may recall that last week was a slow one in terms of poster-related news.  Here at Limited Paper HQ, we spent more than a few days twiddling our thumbs and hoping for something interesting (hell, we would’ve settled for “moderately interesting”) to come along and break up the monotony…but it never did.   The good news is, the news-drought of January appears to be officially over, and—from where we’re standing—the news-tidal wave of February might just be getting started.

Indeed, much like your sister in a frat house, we’ve been getting it on all sides since yesterday morning: tantalizing bits of gossip, a few interesting bits of gallery news, preview pics we can start rolling out over the next week… we better get on with it before more arrives, eh?  Meet me after the jump to see a Life Aquatic poster you can buy right now, learn which gallery show Limited Paper’s participating in next month, and to hear a few rumors regarding a top-secret event happening next week in California. 

So, we’ve got an interesting mix of news, links, and/or gossip to share today.  But before we go a single step further, I wanna get an important warning out of the way:  we’re going to address a rumor in today’s Limited Paper, and we may even—gasp—offer speculation based on that rumor.  This means that everything in the third section of today’s Limited Paper can be treated as 100% speculation/ spitballing/probably-total- horseshit.  If you decide to get your panties in a wad over this, that’s your choice, and you’ll probably be mocked for having decided to go that route.  Everyone else should carry on:  we’re getting started below.

Part One:  Ltd Art Gallery’s MINT CONDITION 2 Features New Art by Samuel Ho, Ian Glaubinger, and…Limited Paper?

We’ve been covering the goings-on at Ltd Art Gallery almost as long as Limited Paper’s been in business:  they’ve always made a point to keep us informed, their bribes—excuse me, “payola checks”– are almost never late, and we’ve always liked the subjects they choose to build their gallery shows around.  Case in point:  their latest is kind of a sequel to one of their best shows from 2012, the superhero-themed Mint Condition.  Here’s the flier:

Now, some of you already pointed this out, and yes:  Robin does look way too tall in this drawing.  I tend to agree.  Those who emailed to ask if the “Scott Wampler” on Ltd Art Gallery’s flier is the same “Scott Wampler” who they recall from such columns as Limited Paper— and the somewhat less-popular Limited Sweater Vests– the answer is “Yes” (btw, you do realize that’s me, right?  That sounds like I’m being cute, but seriously:  you guys would be stunned to find out how many emails I get from people thinking I’m a guy named “Mondo” or an artist named Mondo).   I’ll have preview images from the piece I’m working on, a more detailed writeup about the experience, and more pretty soon.  Until then, dig this:

Mint Condition 2 opens on March 1st, folks.  We won’t have a guy on the ground covering it (unless someone from Seattle wants to volunteer to be a correspondent:  hit me up via email if so), sadly, but we will have a bunch of images from the show and a rip-roaring buzz on the night it opens.  Stay tuned for that, but while you’re doing so let’s talk about this next bit of news.

Part Two:  Spoke Art and Artist Allison Reimold Offering the Week’s Most Reasonably-Priced LIFE AQUATIC Print

According to Poster World Law, a new print based on The Life Aquatic must be dropped every three weeks in order to keep the Poster Gods at bay (“willfully ignoring the ‘Life Aquatic Rule’” is rumored to be what really killed John Candy), and this time it looks like our buddies at Spoke Art are stepping up to the plate with a sacrifice destined to join the other 30-something Life Aquatic prints currently listed over on Expresso Beans.

Look—I’m just breaking balls.  This is actually a really loveable poster at a totally reasonable price, so don’t think I’m slagging off the artist or the subject, especially if you’re on the fence about buying.   Lemme put it this way:  if you don’t already own a Life Aquatic print, this’d make a fine first for your collection and seeing as how it’s on sale until Friday you’ve got plenty of time to place an order.  Here’s the specs: 

  • Interesting Specimen by Allison Reimold (inspired by Life Aquatic)
  • Timed-Release edition
  • $20 Fine Art Giclee print (300# Italian cold press watercolor paper, archival inks)
  • $30 Fine Art Giclee print (framed)
  • 8×10”

Oh, and if you’re curious, here’s a random sampling of the other Life Aquatic prints we’ve come across before (the EB database says Tim Doyle has the most with a total of 10 Life Aquatic prints…but that’s actually three different pieces with a whole bunch of variants, OG editions, wood editions, sticker editions, AP’s, “Technicolor Variant Editions”, and so on).  None of these strike me as bad prints, of course, it’s just…why does Life Aquatic get 30+ prints and The Usual Suspects doesn’t have shit?

Part Three:  The Big Thing Happening in California Next Week (Rumors, Conjecture, Gossip, Etc)

Remember, folks, this is where we’re going to address a rumor that’s circulating:  as of this moment, there’s nothing concrete to report, nothing confirmed nor denied, nothing beyond idle speculation and a whole bunch of intrigue.  It all comes down to a rumor that’s been making the rounds over the past week or so:  that something big and poster-related is about to happen out in Los Angeles.  From the looks of it, all the gossip can be traced back to this Tweet, which was recently sent out by Gallery1988’s Jensen:

It’s not specified whether or not the event will happen at one of Gallery88’s two California locations, nor is it specified who may be involved.  I don’t wanna stoke the fires too much here, but over the past 24 hours I’ve heard everything from “secret Banksy show” to “it’s a new show somehow connected to Brainwash” to “it’s a studio-organized show stocked with all our favorite artists” to “new gallery opening”.  Are any of those correct?  Who knows?  If you’ve got a theory you’d like to share, feel free to drop it in the comments below (or email Limited Paper HQ if ya wanna keep it a little more private).  I’m expecting something official to be released about this event soon, but in the meantime…we’re just letting ya know the rumor’s out there on the off-chance that you’d like to torture yourself with our current lack of answers/info.  Stay tuned for updates.

While we’re waiting on that, you know what comes next:   if you’re an artist or gallery with artwork you’d like to see featured on Limited Paper (or if you’re just some lucky bastard who happened to overhear a bit of poster-related gossip while standing in the bushes outside Martin Ansin’s house) we wanna hear from you!  Email Limited Paper directly at, and be sure that you’re following us on Twitter via @LimitedPaper for ongoing commentary, news updates, giveaways, and more!

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