LIFE’S TOO SHORT Special to Wrap Up Series on HBO

     January 5, 2013


Fans of HBO’s comedy series Life’s Too Short will be happy to know that they’ll be getting some closure on the Warwick Davis-led show.  The HBO/BBC comedy premiered on HBO last February with a seven episode first season, but executive producers/stars Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have opted to wrap the show up with a special in lieu of commissioning a full second season.  HBO announced at the TCA’s that they have indeed committed to a Life’s Too Short special that will wrap the series up, set to air later this year.  I watched the first couple of episodes of Life’s Too Short, and despite the amusing cameos I was never quite taken with the series.  That said, I’m sure there are plenty of fans that are happy to hear that the show will be given some finality.

Merchant is currently working on a new comedy series for HBO called Hello Ladies, while Gervais recently landed the lead role in The Muppets sequel.  Hit the jump to watch one of the highlights from Life’s Too Short, Johnny Depp’s cameo.