Limited Paper #2: Mondo Mystery Movie X Announced, A Distant Winter Teased By the Phone Booth Gallery, Aaron Horkey’s Jaw-Dropping New Poster and More!

     June 5, 2012

Limited Paper Mondo Mystery Movie X Announced, A Distant Winter Phone Booth Gallery slice

As you’ve probably noticed, movie-poster collecting has turned into a Ron Burgundy-sized “Big Deal” over the past few years:  everywhere you look, brilliantly talented artists like Aaron Horkey, Tyler Stout, and Ken Taylor are joining forces with places like Gallery 1988IAm8Bit, and the newly-opened Mondo Gallery to create collectible, gorgeously-rendered works of art based on your favorite movies and TV shows, and every time one of these posters drops…a poster-collector is born.

And where do we–the die-hard paper-geeks of the world– go for our news?  For our drop announcements?  For interviews with our favorite artists?  For reckless rumor-mongering about upcoming events?  Last week, we unveiled Limited Paper, a new ongoing series here at designed to keep everyone from poster-collecting veterans to poster-collecting n00bs up to speed on just those issues.  Want to know what’s new in the limited paper world this week?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Last week, we debuted Limited Paper here at, and the response was fantastic.  Better, even, than we ever could have hoped for.  We got a strong wave of positive feedback from the poster-collecting masses (and more than a few thumbs up from some of our favorite people working in the print-producing industry), and were thrilled to discover that you guys are just as excited about this terribly geeky stuff as we are.  So, first of all, thanks to all who shared links to Limited Paper, wrote in with supportive comments/suggestions, and those who expressed interest in sharing story ideas;  it was all much appreciated.

This week, we’re actually coming to you from the past (or is it the future?):  I’m on vacation all week, so this installment of Limited Paper’s going to be a wee bit shorter than normal…and a little ahead of schedule.  All the news we found fit to print below is up-to-date (at least, it was as of this writing), but it’s possible that a new story or two has popped up since your humble Limited Paper correspondent hightailed it to Disney World (I’m probably on my eighteenth go-round on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror as you read this).   As such, I recommend you keep your eyes trained to’s front page this week:  the rest of the awesome staff will keep you up-to-date on any other important announcements that get made in my absence.

Everyone ready?  Good, let’s get started.  This week, we’re starting things off with a triple-shot of gallery-related news.  First up, we’ve got a few preview pics (and a little more speculation) about the Phone Booth Gallery’s upcoming A Distant Winter show.  Let’s see what’s going on over there…

A Distant Winter @ The Phone Booth Gallery:  Speculation Continues

Last week, we mentioned The Phone Booth Gallery’s upcoming A Distant Winter show.  Scheduled to open on June 23rd, all we’ve really known about the exhibition was that it would include artwork from Rich Kelly (oh, yes), Ken Taylor (holy jeez), and Martin Ansin (your face just melted off, please pick it up before your dog gets it).  A bunch of theories were floated about what the show might be about, including the common guess that the “Winter” of the title would turn out to be a not-so-thinly-veiled reference to HBO’s Game of Thrones (where “Winter is Coming” is an oft-spoken phrase).

Well, we still haven’t received any official confirmation on the show’s content, but a few preview images have arrived, and it appears that the—if nothing else—A Distant Winter will not be about Game of Thrones.  Here, check out the images below and see what you think:

A Distant Winter Ken Taylor

Ken Taylor Martin Ansin Rich Kelly A Distant Winter

The single photos shows off one of Ken Taylor’s pieces from the show, “Fuyu”, and a cursory check around Google doesn’t yield any definitive clues based on that title.  The other photos—the 3-in-1—shows off the same Taylor piece, along with our first looks at pieces from Ansin and Kelly.  Ansin’s is the one on top, and appears to be Star Wars-related.  Kelly’s (on the bottom), appears to be…well, definitely not Star Wars-related.

What can we glean from all this?  Well, for one thing, with screenprints and originals from all three artists on offer (Ansin originals!  Are you hearing this?!), A Distant Winter is a must-attend event, and we imagine the competition to land these prints will be pretty fierce:   if you’re not already going, you damn well better have a Poster Buddy who is.  Secondly, if I was going to venture a guess as to what the show’s about, I’d say:  snow-drenched scenes from science fiction properties.  The snow takes care of the “Winter” portion of the title, while the “Distant” could refer to other planets, galaxies far far away, and so on.  Totally a stab-in-the-dark guess, but as good a one as any based on the materials we’ve got to work with.

Collider’s Chief Overlord, Steve Weintraub, will be on-hand at the June 23rd opening of A Distant Winter, and we’ll have some of his coverage from the show in a future installment of Limited Paper.  Stay tuned for more on the show as it develops.

Wild At Heart @ The Thinkspace Gallery:  Aaron Horkey’s Only Death is Real stuns

This past week, the Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, CA threw open its doors for the highly-anticipated Wild at Heart show.  Buzz had been building around the show since limited paper enthusiasts learned that—amongst 99 other super-talented artists—the ever-popular Aaron Horkey would be contributing a piece.  Before we get to Horkey’s jaw-dropping screenprint, though, let’s see what Thinkspace has to say about the show itself:

Thinkspace is proud to present “Wild at Heart: Keep Wildlife in the Wild,” an exhibition to raise awareness about the precarious predicament of wild creatures around the world, and to benefit efforts to protect them in their natural habitat. Featuring a stellar cast of more than 100 artists from all corners of the art world, this exhibition brings together some of the most profound and innovative voices making art today. In recognition of the imperiled state of much of the world’s wildlife, each artist will apply their own unique perspective to our relationship with the fascinating creatures with whom we share our planet.

Funny that the idea of a wildlife-themed show might seem so exotic:  it’s just that everything else we’ve been seeing lately has involved monsters, aliens, cartoons, or cult films.  Anyway, just prior to the opening of Wild at Heart, an image of Horkey’s piece—which we learned was titled Only Death is Real—made its way online, and the print was even more impressive than we might have dare to hope for.  Take a look at this:









That might be one of the most impressive screenprints we’ve ever seen.  There are 11 glorious colors in that print, the line work is just flat-out insane… if you look at the detailed photos of the piece over on Thinkspace’s site, you’ll probably agree that there are very few artists working today that are delivering the same kind of quality Horkey is.  That said, quality comes at a price, and Only Death is Real had a sizable price tag.  Here are the specs:

Only Death is Real by Aaron Horkey, 25×32.5” ($300, run of 140)

The pieces sold out at the opening, while 20 were held to be sold online last Wednesday.  Those sold out in seconds—seconds—and will likely be hard to come by for the foreseeable future (unless, of course, you want to drop some serious coin on the secondary market).  So, let’s all just hope that Mondo gets Horkey to deliver something new in the near future:  with only 140 of these to go around, there’s surely a whole bunch of collectors out there who desperately need a Horkey fix right about now.

Wild at Heart will be open through June 9th, and we strongly suggest you head over to Thinkspace’s site (or better yet, the gallery itself) to check out some of the show’s other pieces.  Really impressive stuff created for this one.

Mondo Gallery presents Jay Shaw’s Don’t Go Out Tonight:  What’d you miss?

Last but not least, we’ve got some stuff for you from Mondo’s Don’t Go Out Tonight/Jay Shaw show, which opened at the Mondo Gallery on June 1st.  The show—which consisted of 17 prints, all of them based on cult films distributed by Blue Underground—has been quite a success thus far, and the pieces Shaw created for the show are truly impressive.  Here, check out this video walking tour I snagged during the gallery’s opening night:

At the show, buyers had a choice of buying prints one at a time (each was $35, and the majority were  18×24”; a few had slightly smaller dimensions, but on the whole, that was the most common size of print available) or—if you were one of the first twenty, lucky people through the door at the gallery—you also had the option of buying a complete set for $500 (a steal, all things considered).  Here’s a list of the titles that were available at the show:  Salon Kitty, Killer Nun, Don’t Go Out Tonight, Stage Fright, Django, Torso, Gatto Nero, Prowler, Q, Emanuelle in America, The Nesting, The New York Ripper, Bone, Tombs of The Blind Dead, Blade in The Dark, The Duckling, and Dead and Buried.

mondo dont go out tonight

mondo dont go out tonight django

As can be seen in the photos above and below, the Don’t Go Out Tonight series had a black/red/white color scheme, which served to unify the entire show and really made each piece pop off the Mondo Gallery walls.  It’s impressive to consider just how different each of the Mondo Gallery’s has been:  the “overload of styles and colors” from the Gallery’s first, sci-fi-oriented show;  the candy-colored lightness of the Adventure Time show;  and now Jay Show’s, which dripped with dread, sex, and murder.  In a very short amount of time, the Mondo Gallery has more than acquitted itself as one of Austin’s must-visit locations, even if you’re not actively engaged in the buying/trading of screenprints.

If you’re interested in grabbing one of these for yourself, be forewarned:  the print runs on all of these are really, really small (some of them, like Killer Nun and Don’t Go Out Tonight, had runs of only 50), but if you’re lucky you may be able to snag one or two at the Mondo Gallery over the next few weeks.   If you happen to be in the Austin area over the next few weeks, hit up to find check on availability/hours/etc.  If you’re curious, these were my personal top-three-favorite prints from the show:

LimitedPaper- Mondo-DontGoOutTonight-Shaw-KillerNun-1

Limited-Paper- Mondo-DontGoOutTonight-Shaw-StageFright-1

LimitedPaper- Mondo-DontGoOutTonight-Shaw-Torso-1


Just as I was on the verge of wrapping things up on this abbreviated edition of Limited Paper, the Tweet went out via @MondoNews

Mondo Mystery Movie X. 7-5-2012

For those of you unfamiliar with the Mondo Mystery Movie series, the concept is simple:  fans pay for a ticket that includes a movie screening and a poster, but neither the film-in-question or the poster/the poster’s artist are revealed at that time.  Ticketholders await further instructions, and then– once the date of the show gets closer– the exact location of the show will be disclosed (or, at the very least, the location where ticketholders should meet in order to get transported to the show).  On the day, ticketholders show up to this predetermined location, and are treated to…some type of event.

Limited Paper- Mondo-Akira-Stout

The first Mondo Mystery Movie was for Akira, and ended up yielding one of Mondo’s all-time most-sought-after prints (the Akira by Tyler Stout pictured above).  The next Mondo Mystery Movie turned out to be Jurassic Park, had a poster by Aaron Horkey (pictured below), and was accompanied by a Q&A with award-winning SFX master Phil Tippett.  An entire series of Mondo Mystery Movies took place in Los Angeles a little while later, and the 2011 series of shows ended up coming to a dramatic end with a Dawn of The Dead screening—which was accompanied by an appearance by George Romero, took place in a nearly-abandoned mall, and included over a dozen charter buses driving across town with a police escort– that has since become legendary (check out out coverage from that event here.)

LimitedPaper- Mondo-JurassicPark-Horkey-1

At this time, it’s unknown where MMMX is set to take place.  Could be Austin, could be Los Angeles—hell, could be Boise, Idaho.  We just don’t know yet.  We will, however, be keeping you up-to-date with any news regarding the next Mondo Mystery Movie as it becomes available, including the day tickets will go on sale, the city MMMX will take place in, and so on.

*** This week, Mondo (link: had several new releases, all of which went on sale Friday, June 1stJC Richard’s Dragonslayer piece (24×36”, edition of 325, $50), Alan HynesShadow of a Doubt (24×36”, edition of 145, $40), Jeff Kleinsmith’s The Unholy Three (24×36”, edition of 185, $40), and—last but not least—Delicious Design League’s Film (18×24”, edition of 200, $40).  Last week’s Iron Giant print by Laurent Durieux did not make an appearance during this week’s drop, but a whole bunch of non-Austin poster fans are hoping it does sometime soon.

LimitedPaper-Mondo-ShadowOfADoubt-Hynes-1LimitedPaper- Mondo-TheUnholy3-Kleinsmith-1


*** In non-screenprint-but-still-technically-a-poster news, 20th Century Fox unveiled a pretty damn cool poster for next Friday’s Prometheus, which we debuted on Collider late last week.  The poster will be handed out during midnight IMAX screenings of the film on the night of June 7th, and won’t be available elsewhere.  If you’d like to know more about the poster (and Prometheus), head on over to this page, or just check out the pic below:

LimitedPaper- 20thCenturyFox-Prometheus-ImaxPrint-1

*** Gallery1988’s ongoing Breaking Bad ARG/print series released two new prints last week, both of which can be seen below…and both of which have since sold out.  The first, Wayfarer 515 (18×24”, edition of 200, $50) comes to us from artist Justin Santora and showcases the moment that an airline disaster came to Walter White’s backyard.  The other, based on fan-favorite character “Better Call” Saul Goodman (played on AMC’ series by Mr. Show vet Bob Oedenkirk), comes to us from artist Chris DeLorenzo and is titled Saul Goodman (18×24”, edition of 200, $50).   Here’s those pics:




If you’re interested in keeping up with the Breaking Bad ARG that’s behind the posters, head on over to and start refreshing:  new posters are being revealed all summer long!

Aaand that’s about it for this week’s Limited Paper.  As we mentioned in the intro, things were a little on the brief side this week thanks to my forthcoming vacation, but I’ll be back in town on June 11th and ready to get back to work with a far more epic-length Limited Paper #3 on June 13th.

In that piece, we’re going to have an interview with Poster Mountain’s John Davis, along with some photos showing you why Poster Mountain is the place to send your slightly damaged (or, hell, severely damaged) posters.  We’re also going to have updates on the Drafthouse’s Summer of 1982 series, more information on forthcoming releases, and all the speculation we can wrangle together from around the web.  Who knows?  We might also have some exclusive content to throw your way, so keep your eyes peeled and bookmarked.

As always, if you have questions/comments/feedback or suggestions, you can drop it into the comments section below…or send it along to .  Got an artist you’d like to see featured on Limited Paper?  Got a lead or a hot tip on a poster that’s about to drop?  Wanna tell us why you think a specific poster is worthy of inclusion in our “Thing Worth Getting Excited About of The Week” section?  We wanna know about it, so send that information in, post-haste.  Once again, we apologize for this week’s brevity, but promise that next time we’re gonna have all the paragraphs and pics you can handle next time!  Special thanks to IAm8Bit, the Mondo Gallery, Jay Shaw, the Phone Booth Gallery, the folks at Fons PR, and Thinkspace for providing us with all the ammo we needed to get this week’s Limited Paper out the door in a timely manner.

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