Watch: Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks Alexander Hamilton, Makes Silly Gun Noises in ‘Drunk History’ Clip

     November 23, 2016


Drunk History has quietly been one of Comedy Central’s strongest pickups in years, though it’s never hooked a major audience like flagship programs like South Park and The Daily Show. Like those shows, however, the series has consistently undermined the false sobriety of history classes and textbooks. It’s also a marvelous exploration of storytelling, memory, and behavior in miniature, with local celebrities, comedians, and experts of all sorts attempting to keep themselves together enough to impart some wisdom, or just a really good story.


Image via Joan Marcus

So, in a way, it was almost inevitable that Hamilton heavyweight Lin-Manuel Miranda would find his way into the menagerie of Drunk History‘s presenters. Today, EW debuted a clip from Miranda’s upcoming November 29th episode, where he drunkenly goes through the history of Alexander Hamilton and his feud with Aaron Burr. In the clip, Alia Shawkat portrays Hamilton, alongside Bokeem Woodbine‘s George Washington, while Aubrey Plaza plays Burr, with the episode cutting between their reenactment and Miranda unspooling Hamilton’s rise to become President Washington’s right-hand man.

To be honest, Miranda seems like he can really hold his liquor. With the exception of some exceptionally silly gun noises toward the end, he doesn’t seem to get side-tracked or botch his wording like so many other presenters have on the show. He also seems capable of sitting upright on the couch, a power which a noticeable number of other guests of the show have not been able to harness in their segments. What does come out clearly is his rhythmic, fluid talent as a storyteller, who seems to have an effortless sense of timing and delivery. The episode arrives on Comedy Central in six days at 10:30 p.m. EST and for those who have yet to see the little musical Mr. Miranda has become known for, this may be as close as you get to witnessing his tremendous gifts.

Here’s the clip from Drunk History: