Watch Linkin Park Go Comic Book Shopping with Collider

     July 5, 2017

Do you like comics and celebrities who also happen to like comics? You’re in luck! We at Collider have a variety of original shows ranging from panel-style Movie Talkto the more utility-based Best Movies on Netflix, and now we’re happy to introduce a brand new show for our channel: Comic Book Shopping. Each episode will find a different celebrity or personality going to a local comics shop with host Jon Schnepp and sifting through and discussing their favorite comics.

In this second episode, we’re joined by Linkin Park’s Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda, and Brad Delson to chat comics, comic book movies, and their new album. Hahn joins Schnepp at Torpedo Comics in Las Vegas to go through various comic books in person—including the comic that first got Hahn into comic books —while Shinoda and Delson sit down with Schnepp separately to talk about their favorite comics, which ones were formidable for solidifying their fandom, and more. They also talk about the massive popularity of comic book movies, and which ones they gravitate towards, with Shinoda discussing the disappointing lack of female superhero movies. And the owner of Torpedo take Schnepp and Hahn into their vault, which hosts some of the most valuable comics in the world.

The Linkin Park trio also discusses their new album One More Light, which Hahn describes as an album they wanted to make about who they are now, as 40-year-olds. They discuss making a more mellow album this time around and taking over a year to create it.

Check out the second episode in the video above, and if you missed our debut episode with Preacher executive producer Evan Goldberg click here. Let us know what you think! You can find more Collider Video content over on our YouTube page.

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