Lisa Edelstein Not Returning for Season Eight of HOUSE

     May 17, 2011


Last month we found out that Fox had finally renewed House for an eighth season and series stars Robert Sean Leonard and Omar Epps had already signed on to reprise their roles as Wilson and Foreman respectively. Now Deadline has word that Lisa Edelstein, who plays Dr. Cuddy, hospital administrator and on-again-off-again love interest for Hugh Laurie’s Dr. Gregory House, will not be returning for the eighth season. I’ve already said the antics on the show this season were getting a little out of hand, and I was hoping for an end sooner or later, and with a big departure like this, I’m willing to bet next season will be the last. Honestly, I just don’t see where else House can go as a character without rehashing his drug addiction and depression again. Any fans worried about Edelstein’s departure?

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