Listen to Michael Giacchino’s Full JURASSIC WORLD Score

     June 9, 2015


While one of the first necessary tasks when making a fourth Jurassic Park movie was finding a director, not far after that on the priorities list was figuring out what to do about the score. As Jurassic World would be the first new Jurassic Park in nearly 15 years, the movie had to not only honor what came before it, but also act as a new iteration of the franchise for a new generation. And following in the footsteps of John Williams’ iconic score was no easy task.

But director Colin Trevorrow enlisted an impeccably talented composer who was up to the challenge: Michael Giacchino. He won an Oscar for his work on Up and his scores run the gamut from massive franchise stuff like Star Trek and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol to smaller, more character-driven films like 50/50.

And now, just a few days before the film’s release, Universal has made Giacchino’s entire Jurassic World score available to stream online. The collection of tracks once again boasts some wonderfully pun-tastic titles such as “Bury the Hatchling” and my personal favorite, “It’s a Small Jurassic World” (Bless you, Michael Giacchino), and the music itself is really something.

Stream the full score below, via Spotify, if you so desire. And rest assured that we’ve got even more Giaccino goodness to come late this year with Pixar’s Inside Out, the Seth Rogen/Joseph Gordon-Levitt comedy Xmas, and David O. Russell’s drama Joy.

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Image via Universal Pictures

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