Liv Tyler Exclusive Video Interview – THE INCREDIBLE HULK

     June 12, 2008

A few days ago, I covered the international press day for “The Incredible Hulk” as a reporter from the website Omelete.

As most of you know, Collider and Omelete are partners. When we post clips or exclusives, they also post it. When they get stuff…we use it. They’re in Portuguese and we’re in English. As I’ve said many times…it’s a perfect marriage. Also, since they’re based in San Paolo, when they get invited to do stuff here in Los Angeles…they send me.So while many websites fight over exclusives, we’re examples of how you can work together and both thrive.

Anyway, let’s get to why we’re here.

As you can originally see on Omelete, I interviewed Liv Tyler for “Incredible Hulk.” If you didn’t know…Liv plays Betty Ross in “The Incredible Hulk.”

Duringthe interviewwe discussed Brazil, the success of “The Strangers,” I asked about the new “Lord of the Rings” films and I also tried to find out about her deleted scenes in Hulk. The reasonI askedis…on the same day I interviewed Liv, director Louis Leterrier told me that we’ll be getting 70 minutes worth of deleted scenes on the Blu-ray later this year! You can read that here.

Finally, Omelete should be posting the interview with Tim Roth tomorrow….so until then…enjoy this interview.

Liv Tyler Hulk Interview

  • I asked if she got to go to Brazil
  • I asked if she was surprised by the success of The Strangers
  • I ask if she’s excited for new Lord of the Rings movies
  • We talk about the 70 minutes coming to the Blu-Ray edition and she talks about all her scenes that are missing. I ask is she had a favorite scene that was cut

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