Watch: SNL and The Rock Present Disney’s Live-Action BAMBI

     March 29, 2015


Following the success of Cinderella and Maleficent, Disney’s live-action adaptations of their animated hit classics, the writers over at SNL have come up with Disney’s next guaranteed smash hit, their “biggest remake yet”: a Fast and Furious inspired live-action Bambi starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the baby deer, all grown up. Muscle-bound and hell bent on revenge for his mother’s death, Bambi teams up with his forrest friends (Taran Killam as Vin Diesel as Thumper, Jay Pharoah as Tyrese Gibson as Flower, and Cecily Strong as Michelle Rodriguez as Faline) to find the Tanglewood hunting club and make them pay…deer-ly.

Oh yeah, the whole thing is packed with delightfully dumb deer puns. This sketch is pretty hilarious, but what’s more, it’s a film I would absolutely buy a ticket for…probably more than once. There’s something so sweet and gentle about Johnson, he’s actually kind of perfect for a badass Bambi.  And Taran Killam’s Vin Diesel is killer. Of course, there’s not an Olaf’s chance in hell that Disney will ever turn Bambi into a revenge flick, but if there’s a pathos I think we’ve all carried since childhood, it’s wanting to see those mother-murdering hunters get what’s coming to them. Bonus: Get a look at the hit new single from Ludacris, “Wham, Bam, Bambi”.

Here’s the clip:

Disney is currently working on live-action remakes of Dumbo, from director Tim Burton, and The Jungle Book, directed by Jon Favreau. Given the success of their recent efforts, there’s no doubt the live-action remake trend will continue. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for The Rock’s Bambi.


Image via NBC