‘Krypton’ Introduces a Live-Action Lobo to the Cast for Season 2

     July 21, 2018

lobo-sliceKrypton, the show about a hot Kryptonian grandfather who fucks, is adding Lobo as a character in its second season. Per THR, the network announced the character’s arrival during San Diego Comic-Con without any sort of casting news.

In a lot of ways, Lobo is DC’s Deadpool—not to mention he showed up eight years before the Merc with a Mouth—an R-rated villain turned mercenary who is often used in a meta way to poke fun at the XTreme violence of comic books in the 1990’s. Created by writer Roger Slifer and artist Keith Giffen for Omega Men #3, the character hails from the Czarnia and gradually morphed into a cigar-chomping, shotgun-toting biker whose name loosely translates in his native tongue to “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it.” Lobo kind of rules, to be honest.

What will be interesting is how he’ll fit into Krypton, a show that spent a lot of time in its first season taking itself very seriously. The series follows Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), trying to stop Brainiac from devouring his home planet several decades before the Man of Steel was born. To its credit, the show got a bit bonkers toward the end. The season finale—spoilers ahead—left off with Seg-El and trapped in the Phantom Zone and Colin Salmon‘s General Zod taking over as ruler of Krypton. Also, future Supes-killer Doomsday is on the loose. A lot going on up there.

Another interesting bugaboo with Lobo’s arrival on Krypton is the fact Warner Bros. is still working on a big-screen adaptation for the character. The project—which has been in all different stages of development over the years—is tentatively slated to be directed by Michael Bay. Though the Lobo feature film isn’t anywhere close to beginning production it does make sense, considering a violent alien who once slaughtered his entire planet and loves explosions is the most Michael Bay comic book character of all time.

Krypton‘s second season is due to premiere in 2019.