Confirmed: ‘Logan’ Has a Post-Credits Scene [Updated]

     February 20, 2017


Update: Previously I reported that Logan would have a post-credits scene. After talking with more sources I’ve learned I was wrong in my original report. Logan does not have a post-credits scene. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. After you see Logan you’ll understand why a post-credits scene would feel out of place based on the tone of the picture.

However, after doing some digging I’ve learned I wasn’t altogether wrong about Logan having something cool for the fans. But instead of it being after the credits, maybe it’s before the movie has started…which you can now watch right here.

Here’s my original story:

I absolutely loved director James Mangold’s Logan. While I had high hopes going in, I’ll admit the finished film was even better than I imagined. Unlike the previous X-Men and Wolverine films that have come before, what’s unique about Logan is it doesn’t have to set up the next installment, or worry about holding back because of the rating. Because Mangold and Hugh Jackman had complete freedom to tell this story, they were able to make the movie they wanted to make and bring fans the version of Wolverine we’ve always wanted to see. I really can’t give everyone involved enough praise for such a job well done and to Fox for letting them make this movie. And I haven’t even gotten into how awesome Patrick Stewart was as Charles Xavier or the rest of the supporting cast including Dafne Keen, Boyd HolbrookStephen MerchantRichard E. Grant, and Elizabeth Rodriguez.


Image via 20th Century Fox

While the version of the film screened for critics had no such thing, over the past few days word has begun to spread that Logan might have a scene added after the credits when it hits theaters. Forget about the rumors…I can confirm it’s true. When Logan is released on March 3rd it’ll have a post-credits scene. I’m not sure if it’s half way through the credits or at the very end, but I can 100% tell you something will be there.

Right now Fox is doing advance screenings for critics without this scene and from what I’ve been told it won’t be shown until opening day. But with the way the internet works, I’m sure someone will leak what it is before it’s in theaters, or shortly after the midnight showings on Thursday, March 2nd. But it won’t be me.

Finally, the only way for the superhero/comic book movie genre to survive and thrive is for films to push forward telling new stories that haven’t been made before. They need to surprise audiences with all new twists and turns. They have to raise the stakes higher than some big battle that could end the world in the third act. I’m happy to report Logan is such a film. While I’d love to say more and go into the specifics of why this film is so special, until everyone has had a chance to see it, I’m holding back.

For more on Logan you can read Matt Goldberg’s review. You can also click here for all our previous coverage. And below is my interview with Patrick Stewart. Trust me, you’re going to love Logan. Buy your tickets soon…

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