‘Logan’ Director James Mangold Is Working on a Black & White Version

     March 1, 2017


Back when James Mangold‘s Logan was just starting its marketing blitz, a handful of beautifully shot, black-and-white stills emerged. These images showed off an aging Logan (played by the ageless Hugh Jackman), as well as the film’s shadowy miscreant, Dr. Rice (Richard E. Grant). They were so impressive, in fact, that they had us wondering whether or not the final film would be presented in a black-and-white format, either in part, like flashback sequences, or in its entirety.

While a black-and-white theatrical version was not to be (not that it takes anything away from the masterful mutant movie that wholly embraces its Western aesthetic), Mangold appears to be working on a black-and-white cut of the film, possibly for its eventual home video release. Don’t get too excited just yet! Mangold himself may have confirmed the fact that he’s working on this version, but no other details are available at the moment and nothing is certain. But we can always hope!

Also starring Patrick StewartStephen MerchantDafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook, Elizabeth RodriguezEriq La SalleElise Neal, and Quincy FouseLogan opens March 3rd. Definitely carve some time out of your schedule to see it!

Check out the Twitter exchange below (via ScreenCrush):

Check out some of the cinematic black-and-white images from Logan previously released below:


Image via James Mangold, 20th Century Fox


Image via Hugh Jackman


Image via 20th Century Fox


Image via James Mangold / 20th Century Fox

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