‘Logan’ Ending Explained: James Mangold Breaks Down the Wolverine’s Conclusion

     March 7, 2017


If you haven’t seen Logan, turn back now. Seriously. Major spoilers about the ending are discussed below.


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Okay, so yeah, Wolverine is dead. Hugh Jackman announced quite a while ago that Logan would be his final turn as the X-Men character he’s been playing since 2000, but that announcement was met with some skepticism as he’s flirted with stepping back before only to suit up again for films like X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Wolverine. But after seeing Logan, fans now understand that definitively this is the end for Jackman’s Wolverine. He’s now six feet under.

The Logan we meet in Logan is already pretty under the weather, harboring a nasty cough throughout the film and struggling with the fact that he’s no longer healing as quickly or as well as he used to. Why? Well it’s not explicitly explained—at one point in the film Laura takes Logan to a doctor who says there’s something inside him making him unwell, but Logan is uninterested in finding out for sure what it is, let alone curing it. He’s watched a lot of his friends die, so at this point he figures he doesn’t really deserve to live much longer. In fact, if Charles didn’t depend on his care, he probably would have killed himself by this point.

Logan does tell Laura that he has a feeling it’s the adamantium that’s poisoning his body, given that it’s been in there for quite a while already. So that could be what aids in Logan’s downfall, but his actual death comes at the hands of himself, kind of.


Image via 20th Century Fox

As part of the Transigen project, Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant) and Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) have moved on from trying to raise and control new young mutants from birth, and instead have crafted a total killing machine in X-24, their 24th attempt at creating a mutant of their own. X-24 is played by a younger looking Jackman—a rage-filled, morally bankrupt, mute weapon of immense strength and healing factor. In order to save Laura and the other younger mutants, Logan sacrifices himself fighting the much stronger X-24, only to be impaled on a piece of wood by the mutant creation just before Laura puts an adamantium bullet into X-24’s head, killing him once and for all.


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