‘Logan’: First Look at Hugh Jackman as Old Man Logan

     October 19, 2016


The start of the Logan marketing campaign has begun with drips and drabs through social media showing pretty black-and-white, behind-the-scenes photos. The latest look at the film provides us with our first glance at Hugh Jackman in character as Wolverine.

What’s striking about the image, aside from the lighting and composition, is that Wolverine has scars. Director James Mangold has said that this new Wolverine is getting older and his healing factor isn’t working like it used to. These scars are a good way of conveying that, and it’s a smart way of once again imperiling his protagonist. Wolverine is a compelling character, but the biggest strike against him is that he’s too powerful, so you either need a super-powered villain to test Logan’s strength, or you need to diminish Logan’s powers.

Between The Wolverine and what we’ve seen so far of Logan, it’s clear that Mangold’s interest in the superhero genre isn’t in the bombast of what other superhero films are offering, but in a small-scale, character driven film. He wants a superhero movie without the superhero, and if the Wolverine character gets people in the doors, then Mangold can provide a unique twist on the genre. In this case, he’s apparently crafted a post-apocalyptic western.

Check out the new Logan image of Hugh Jackman below. The film also stars Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant, and Elizabeth Rodriguez. The film opens March 3, 2017.


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