Over 30 ‘Logan’ Images Tease Bleak Setting, Cyborg Villain, and a Nuclear Family

     October 20, 2016


The first trailer for Logan arrived this morning, and once you’re done getting that something out of your eye, you may want to take a closer look at all that was revealed. Indeed, production on Logan was unique in that Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold kept everything under wraps, from the story to character names to even the film’s title. With this debut trailer, a lot has been revealed, and we’ve gone through and grabbed a number of images so we can take a closer look at what Jackman’s last go-around as the mutant will entail.

One of the most exciting things about Logan is that even though Mangold helmed the Western-tinged The Wolverine, it feels like a completely different film. The future, post-apocalyptic setting offers a bleak backdrop for a story in which mutants are nearly extinct, Professor X is very sick, and Wolverine is no longer healing. Everyone in this movie looks rough, and that’s underscored by the use of Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” in the trailer.

The villains of the film are the Reavers, a band of mutant-hating cyborgs led by Boyd Holbrook’s Donald Pierce. Holbrook looks to be a formidable foe, complete with a robot hand, and his gang looks like they have no time for mutant shenanigans.

But another striking thing about Logan is that it looks to be a family film, with Logan and Professor X (Patrick Stewart) shepherding a mysterious young girl with powers similar to Wolverine’s. The safe bet is on this young character (played by Dafne Keen) to be X-23, a character who in the comics was the clone daughter of Wolverine.

There’s plenty more to admire, including John Mathieson’s (Gladiator, X-Men: First Class) evocative cinematography, so peruse the images below. Logan also stars Stephen Merchant and Richard E. Grant and opens in theaters on March 3, 2017.

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