Logan Lerman on ‘The Vanishing of Sidney Hall’ and the Changing Landscape for Movies

     March 22, 2018

Now playing in limited release and also available on DirecTV is director Shawn Christensen’s (director of the Academy Award-winning short CurfewThe Vanishing of Sidney Hall. The film stars Logan Lerman as a young novelist (Sidney Hall) who publishes a generation-defining book based on the death of one of his high school classmates. As the drama unfolds, the film shows Sidney at three different points in his life (18, 24 and 30) and we slowly learn about his relationship with his girlfriend (Elle Fanning) and why it fell apart. Meanwhile, another part of the film reveals Sidney disappeared without a trace and follows Kyle Chandler as he attempts to figure out what happened as he searches for the missing author. The film also stars Michelle MonaghanMargaret QualleyNathan Lane and Blake Jenner. For more on the film you can watch the trailer here.


Image via A24

Recently, I sat down with Logan Lerman for an exclusive interview. He talked about the changing landscape for what movies get a theatrical release and how happy he is that The Vanishing of Sidney Hall got one, why he wanted to produce and star in the film, the challenges of trying to make this film on a very limited schedule and budget, how he always second guesses himself before posting on social media, and a lot more. Check out what he had to say in the player above and below is a list of exactly what we talked about and the official synopsis.

Logan Lerman:

  • How the film has an unusual release with DirecTV and also in theaters.
  • How the film business has changed with what movies get a theatrical release.
  • How TV has helped to change the landscape.
  • Does he feel like he tweets too much (he rarely tweets)?
  • We talk about the pros and cons of social media.
  • What was it about this script that made him want to act and produce the project?
  • logan-lerman-the-vanishing-of-sidney-hall

    Image via A24

    Did he ever leave set wearing the full beard?

  • Talks about what he had to do to pull off the beard.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Vanishing of Sidney Hall:

“After publishing a bestselling novel based on the death of one of his high school classmates, the controversial writer Sidney Hall (Logan Lerman) finds himself catapulted to unexpected fame and renown. His relationship with his girlfriend (Elle Fanning) begins to fall apart as the dark consequences of the book intrude on their life together, and he disappears without a trace. Nearly a decade later, an enigmatic detective searches for the missing author, whose books are connected to a string of mysterious arsons.”

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