‘Logan’ Gets Animated in This Fan-Made Trailer

     October 25, 2016


Everything we’ve seen out of James Mangold‘s Logan so far has looked impressive, stylish, and every bit as gritty as the R-rated adaptation needs to be. So it’s with that in mind that we say that a new fan-made, animated trailer for the live-action Fox film falls right in line with the movie’s tone.

YouTube’r Philysteak took clips from the 90s X-Men cartoon series and X-Men: Evolution to cobble together an animated mash-up of the fantastic first trailer that was recently released. There are some spot-on (and darkly funny) moments from both series included in the trailer that fit quite well with Mangold’s cut: Logan in his rarely seen street clothes, the future shot of the X-Men’s tombstones, and scenes with X-23, to name a few. The decision to include that character, a.k.a. Laura Kinney, necessitated the use of X-Men: Evolution scenes, which feature a very different design for Logan, but the idea was sound even if the execution is a little bit off here. It’s a fun watch for new and old X-fans alike!

Watch the fan-made trailer for Logan below:

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Starring Hugh JackmanPatrick Stewart (reprising his role of Professor Charles Xavier), Stephen Merchant, Richard E. GrantElizabeth Rodriguez, and Dafne KeenLogan opens March 3, 2017. Keep an eye out for more in the run-up to the film’s highly anticipated release!


Image via James Mangold / 20th Century Fox


Image via James Mangold



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