‘Logan’: Who Is X-23 and How Does Her Onscreen Portrayal Differ from the Comics?

     March 5, 2017


Logan is the final adventure for Hugh Jackman as the X-Man we’ve all grown to love over the years in the theaters, Wolverine. In it, Logan finds himself old, battered, and trying desperately to find peace for himself in a world that is still topsy turvy and trying to get in his way. As he inches closer and closer toward his final reward, he’s unfortunately impeded by the arrival of a young girl named Laura (X-23) who has abilities very similar to his own. Harboring two claws on each hand instead of three, Laura is a mute who is related to Wolverine in a very strange way. With Logan making his last stand here, could this be an opportunity for the character of X-23 to branch out into her own stories moving forward?

Regardless of her future, you may be wondering what this character is all about. I’ve got you covered with a rundown of the character from her origins on television and in the comics.


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