BIOSHOCK Creator Ken Levine to Pen LOGAN’S RUN Remake for Warner Bros.

     June 18, 2013


Warner Bros. is essentially going back to the drawing board on its long-gestating remake of the 1976 cult sci-fi film Logan’s Run.  The project was initially developed for Carl Rinsch to direct, but he eventually moved on to helming the big budget, production troubled 47 Ronin for Universal.  Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn subsequently signed on to helm and developed the project for several years with Ryan Gosling attached to star, but when it looked like the film was still no closer to coming to fruition after having been developed for years, Gosling subsequently dropped out.  Now WB is looking to get things moving again, and they’ve tapped an interesting talent to pen a new draft of the screenplay: BioShock creator Ken Levine.  Hit the jump for more.

ken-levine-logans-runWhile a number of writers have written drafts of the script in the past, including Alex Garland and Andrew Baldwin, Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has now signed Ken Levine to pen the screenplay for the Logan’s Run remake.  Levine created the popular BioShock video game series and served as lead writer on the game’s most recent entry, BioShock Infinite.  Levine seems like a fine choice given that both BioShock and Logan’s Run take place in dystopian societies, with the latter centering on a future in which no one is allowed to live past the age of 30 and anyone who doesn’t go quietly is designated as a “runner” and is tracked down for extermination.

Logan’s Run is ripe for a remake, especially given that Michael Anderson’s original film is far from perfect.  It’s unclear if Refn is still attached to direct, but judging by the source report it sounds like Warner Bros. is going back to square one on the project.  Hopefully Levine whips up a draft of the script that sparks renewed interest, after which WB can really get the ball moving on this thing.


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