Promo Poster for Rian Johnson’s LOOPER [UPDATED]

     May 4, 2011


A promo poster for Rian Johnson’s highly anticipated new film Looper has hit the web. The sci-fi flick stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano and Jeff Daniels and concerns hitmen (“loopers”) who use time-travel to cover the tracks of their murders. I like the simplistic, yet exciting approach to the promo poster. It’s very much a teaser. Johnson’s one-two punch of his first two films (Brick and The Brothers Bloom) is outstanding, and fans are eager to see what he’s got up his sleeve this time. Hit the jump to check out the poster.

[Update: Rian Johnson stated on his Twitter that the poster is in fact not an official version, but is actually a mockup done by the Chinese distributor for the press release]

Here’s the promo poster (thanks to reader John for the heads up):


For further proof that this is official, and not fan-made, video of a press conference in China with the poster hanging in the background can be seen here.

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