Lorenzo di Bonaventura Launches Timely Graphic Novel ‘Guntown’

     August 31, 2017


Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, whose credits range from the Transformers movies to G.I. Joe to Salt, is tackling material of a different sort for a new upcoming project. di Bonaventura Pictures has developed an original graphic novel called Guntown, which will serve as the foundation for a multi-platform world expansion. Written by Bob Quinn and Andy Shapiro, the book is available this week and tackles the national epidemic of gun violence in a not too distant future where anyone in the U.S. who wishes to possess or is caught carrying a firearm of any kind is relocated to the National Firearm Zone, which is a massive walled city in the deserts of New Mexico. Once you enter the NFZ you and your family can leave leave.

The story of Guntown follows two childhood best friends who battle a rising threat within the walls of the NFZ, with an adventure revealing “secrets of a dark past” and putting their friendship to the test.


Image via di Bonaventura Pictures

di Bonaventura sees Guntown as a new development process wherein he can power new IP from the ground up:

Guntown represents an opportunity to create an entirely new world where we as the creators have the freedom to widen this original story and our hope is that we can evolve over a diverse scope of platforms.”

This premise actually sounds pretty cool, and it very much seems like di Bonaventura intends to turn Guntown into a film or TV series at some point. Judging by the endless possibilities in that premise, a TV show adaptation would be quite fun to see. But for now you can read Guntown as a graphic novel.

For more information visit the official website.

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