Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura Talks RED 2 and G.I. JOE 2

     June 30, 2011


Lorenzo di Bonaventura is one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers.  The guy usually has at least one blockbuster movie to his credit every year and he’s having a pretty nice day since his new film Transformers: Dark of the Moon is cleaning up at the box office.  Speaking to MTV, Bonaventura spoke about the sequels to Red and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  Speaking about Red 2, di Bonaventura says they have a script in place and now the trick is measuring how much of the original cast to bring back and how many new characters to introduce.  Says Bonaventura,

“I think the audience would be disappointed if we didn’t bring back the crew, but we’ve got to freshen the crew.  We’ll bring in one or two characters that’ll play a really big part — maybe three, but definitely one or two.  You know, Marvin and Frank and Sarah, you want to spend more time with those guys.  Sometimes there’s a tendency to want to do too much of a good thing so you don’t really service anything, so we’re really trying to stay focused on our core crew with one or two new additions.”

Hit the jump for what di Bonaventura had to say about G.I. Joe 2 aka G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes.

Speaking about G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes, di Bonaventura revealed to MTV that the sequel will focus heavily on Snake Eyes and new character Roadblock (played by Dwayne Johnson):

“[Roadblock is] a full-on lead role.  In a way, he and Snake-Eyes, their stories are really dynamic and very important.”

When you factor in that Byung-hun Lee is returning as Storm Shadow and that Elodie Yung and RZA are playing martial artists Jinx and Blind Master, respectively, you’re going to have a ninja-heavy film.  Fortunately, di Bonaventura is all about the ninjas:

“The ninja fans are going to love it.  There’s a tremendous amount of it. What’s interesting is, we both have that going on in the Snake-Eyes story, but we’ve found a way to bring that element into the Joes’ story. I think anybody who’s a fan of dark, in the middle of the night [action with] a dangerous foe arriving, this is a movie for you.”

Here’s the video of di Bonaventura talking about Red 2:

And here’s the video of him talking about G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes:

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