LOST Stars Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn Currently Shopping Around Ideas for New TV Show

     August 11, 2010


Whether you loved or hated the finale, everyone can agree that Lost is over (even if that 12-minute epilogue is on the way), but certain members of the cast need to get back to work soon. Fortunately, two of the highest profile cast members from the series are currently shopping around ideas for a new TV show. Michael Emerson (who played Benjamin Linus) told The Associated Press (via Yahoo! News) that he and Terry O’Quinn (who played John Locke) are both taking ideas around town but are looking for something a bit lighter than Lost. Specifically, Emerson mentioned “age and frailty” being an element they’re looking to have in the series. More after the jump.

Maybe these two should just join the cast of Men of a Certain Age with Ray Romano? But seriously, I’d love to see these two in something completely outside of the realm of science fiction and fantasy. However, it’s unclear if Emerson’s remarks mean that he and O’Quinn are looking for a series to star in together (wouldn’t that be something?), but just the prospect would be absolutely thrilling. As difficult as it’s going to be seeing Emerson in a role where he’s not subtly intimidating and always deceptive, it can’t be any harder than answering all the unanswered questions on Lost and that’s something that will never happen. We’ll keep you posted on any new projects for Emerson and O’Quinn down the road.