Louis C.K. Netflix Special Trailer Finds the Comedian Preparing for His Set

     March 28, 2017


Trailers for stand-up specials are tough, because you don’t want to give away the best lines. But also, some of the lines take so much setup that there’s no way to get all of that context in a trailer, so it can end up looking lame when it’s actually very smart and funny. Louis C.K. is not one to let a bog-standard trailer ruin his show, though, and so a new glimpse at his comedy special is really no glimpse at all. Instead, we see C.K. prepping to go onstage, and reading a note that says “this is IT.

So while that’s just about all we know, isn’t it better that way? Check out the new promo below (which makes me miss Louie):

The most important thing to note, of course: Is Louis C.K. actually wearing a suit?!

According to Netflix, “In his new standup 2017, Louis C.K. muses on religion, eternal love, giving dogs drugs, email fights, teachers and more in a live performance from Washington, D.C.” From what I hear this was a really great tour and presumably a great show, but if you’re a C.K. fan I mean, truly, how could it go wrong?

The special, as you’ll see in the new poster below, will air April 4th, and Evan Valentine will be reviewing it as a fellow stand-up comic (he recently reviewed Dave Chappelle‘s pair of Netflix specials, which are just the start of a long list of comedians Netflix is partnering with to bring new comedy specials to the streaming giant).