Louis Leterrier Films Four-Part Behind-the-Scenes Look at DEAD SPACE

     January 24, 2011


It comes as no surprise to learn that Louis Leterrier is a huge fan of video games. Although it may not have translated well in Clash of the Titans, the imagery of his movies often bears an influence of the video game world. With that in mind, one of his favorite video games is the Electronic Arts survival-horror title Dead Space. As a profession of his fanhood, he has prepared an exclusive four-part video series where he visits the offices of Visceral Games at Electronic Arts in anticipation of the release of Dead Space 2. Check out the videos after the jump.

louis-leterrier-image-1Leterrier filmed the videos for Allociné, but in an interview with French gaming website Julsa.fr, Leterrier explains his interest of Dead Space even further, discusses why he wanted to go behind-the-scenes, and even refers to the game as a “film:”

“I was a fan of the film Dead Space – I always refer to the game as a film. I wanted to meet the people who developed the game, to see how they worked, go behind the scenes. [With video games…] We can really do things that are totally creative, totally artistic, things that provoke an emotion within the viewer/player and create something that’s absolutely visceral.”

Leterrier, seen taking the tramway in San Francisco on his way to Electronic Arts, starts off his each of his four-part series by introducing himself:

“My name is Louis Leterrier, I’m a director, I’m French. I live and work in Los Angeles, but today, I’m in San Francisco because it is here that the majority of the video games that you and I play are created. Being a fan of video games, I wanted to confront my experience as a filmmaker by meeting with the creative people behind video games and ask them questions to fins out how a game is made, where do you start, how long does it take. So I feel lucky that a major studio has invited me in.”

Although Part 4 will not be posted until later this week, you can check out Parts 1-3 below [worry not, it’s mostly in English]:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

In case you’re unfamiliar with the game, it follows the freakish alien adventures of an engineer. According to EA’s website, “Isaac Clarke embarks on a repair mission aboard a massive deep-space mining ship, only to uncover a nightmarish bloodbath.” He has to fight Necromorphs, human cadavers that have been infected and reanimated by an alien virus.

Dead Space 2 hits shelves on January 25th and a 26-minute full-length behind-the-scenes film by Leterrier will be aired on the French channel NRJ 12 in the near future.


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